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Our main objective at Assured Aesthetic Skin Clinic is to offer our customers the safest and most advanced treatments in the field of skin health and wellness. The advanced aesthetic treatments we offer have been created for anyone wishing to dramatically improve the appearance of their skin and body. Maintaining or recapturing a youthful vitality in how you look and feel is our highest priority.

Our wellness treatments are intended to regulate and melt away much of the stress to which we are being subjected to in our busy day to day lifestyles. The professionals at Assured Aesthetic Skin Clinic have extensive experience in cutting-edge advanced aesthetic treatments, producing results using the most sophisticated technology and medical grade-aesthetic equipment available. We also strive to use the highest quality ingredients and formulations in all the facial treatments.

Clinical & Wellness Treatments

We are proud to offer our clients a selection of services and treatments that we have chosen, based on our intimate knowledge and experience in this industry. The machines we have acquired, employ cutting edge technologies, and are medical grade equipment that will deliver effective and safe results to our clients. The quality of these instruments and machines will ensure that results are delivered in the shortest time frame possible and without unrealistic expectations. The treatments are also supported by the highest quality cosmetic ingredients and practices that have been sourced from international brands such as DMK, leaders in para-medical facial developments and  YON-KA, pioneers in Botanicals and Phyto-Therapy treatments.

Finally, our own commitment to excellence and long experience in the field of service to our clients will ensure that the tools and resources we have will serve our valued clients with maximum benefit.The combination of our Clinical and Wellness treatments reassures our patients that they are keeping their bodies healthy inside and out, guaranteeing that Assured Aesthetic Skin Clinic will make you Feel and Look healthier.

Our Process

Meet Our Staff


Senior Beauty Therapist & Dermal Therapist

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Luzalba is a highly qualified and certified skin technician and message therapist. With experience across 3 continents, her last 11 years have been practiced in Adelaide. Luzalba’s training began at Cristin Sorli’s Aesthetic Training Centre in Barcelona, Spain where she became a qualified Aesthetician, and then with Yon-Ka Paris Institute where she became certified as a spa therapist. Her study at the European Massage Institute in San Antonio, Texas saw her specialise in post-surgery Manual Lymphatic Drainage in areas of liposculpture, breast implants, abdominoplasty and other related surgeries. Her arrival to Australia saw Luzalba further her studies with the Australian College of Massage and DMK Cosmetics.


Registered Nurse

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As a Registered Nurse, Ben strives to maximise client outcomes by providing therapy treatments that are cost-effective, non-invasive, but ultimately optimise the quality of their health. With a passion for healing chronic wounds and alleviating sub-acute, sub-chronic and chronic pain, his work at AASC fuels his passion for providing long term life improvements and quality health optimisation.



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An integral team member in our Assured Aesthetic Skin Clinic, Albany’s excellent communication skills and positive, friendly nature will ensure that you have an incredible experience with us from start to finish. Albany’s skills and capabilities span across a wide range of general administrative tasks, and her optimism, outstanding work ethic and enthusiastic attitude allows her to excel when interacting with our clients.

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